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Walla Walla, WA
Posted Jan 17, 2019


1. Enter your information on the right of the screen to include days you're available and why you're interested in working for us and what position you would like to apply for. 

2. Download and complete the BMHS Job Application. Save completed application, cover letter and resume, and school schedule as one file. (Separate files will not be accepted)

3. Click on the "Upload Resume" button on the right of the screen and upload your document.  Click "APPLY" button to submit. 

4. If you're having trouble uploading your information, please click on, "Don't have one?" copy and paste your information into the text box and click "APPLY" button to submit. 

5. No phone calls, please.

Please be sure to attach the following as one file:

  • Completed BMHS application
  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Current school schedule (to ensure availability will accommodate the student and employer alike) 

Keeping A Work-Study Position

In order to maintain your eligibility for the Work-Study Program, you must:

  • Be enrolled at least halftime as an undergraduate or graduate student. (Under certain circumstances, students may participate in the Work-Study Program during summer vacation even though they are not attending classes. In such cases, students must use their net summer earnings -- gross earnings minus taxes and job-related expenses -- to pay their tuition and other expenses fall quarter.)
  • Steadily move toward the completion of a degree. 
  • Meet all scheduled work appointments and perform your assigned duties satisfactorily.
  • Accurately complete our Federal Work-Study Program time sheets and submit them promptly according to scheduled pay periods.
  • Sign your time sheets before leaving for vacation breaks or for the end of the school year.
  • Make sure your gross earnings do not exceed the limit specified in your letter of eligibility. If you are close to reaching your award limit, see the student employment manager.

You are responsible for reporting any changes in your Work-study eligibility, enrollment, or financial situation to the student employment manager, the Financial Aid Office, and your employer.

Please complete an Employment Application and add it to your resume and cover letter.  Fillable application is available at