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Child Care Teacher (children ages 6 weeks - 7 years old)

5601 Woerner Temple Rd Dublin Oh 43017
Posted Sep 14, 2018


A company that focuses on: creating opportunities for others in order to create a bigger opportunity for yourself.

Come join Mango's Place, where we invest in people, inspire them to dream big, and focus on a hope for their future. How many companies today, can offer you a chance to be part of something bigger than yourself?

We are looking for:

  • Someone who is courageous enough to sacrifice their own interest for the interest of others.
  • Someone who excels in stressful and demanding situations due to their passion for children and creating a fun and positive work culture.
  • Someone who wants to be led in a direction of changing lives, not being managed in another short-term job.
  • Loyalty, and in return you will be given honesty and a safe place to work and a challenging environment to grow as an individual.
  • A team that with the ability to value everyone, at all stages of learning and leadership within the company.

We offer:

  • Coaching vs managing, a place to share your ideas, a safe place to discuss and communicate with the team, all for the benefit of creating trust and respect.
  • An environment where a team of teachers and leaders are valued over everything else.


  • Showing up every day to give all you have to something bigger than you.
  • Showing up every day with a positive attitude, create a fun team environment, and remain gossip and drama free.
  • Showing up every day to invest in children, offering them a safe, fun, and educational environment.
  • Showing up every day to connect with parents in a professional, positive, and friendly manner.

*A high school diploma is required to apply

Job Type: Full-time